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ASEAN (Association of South East Nations)

Healthcare market research experts with the local knowledge and experience to help you maximise your competitive advantage

The ASEAN nations comprise of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

There are drastically differing levels of healthcare delivery across the ASEAN nations, typically consisting of a mix of public healthcare system with more advanced private healthcare serving higher income groups. Health systems are at widely varying stages of evolution, from Singapore, which has one of the most highly developed and efficient healthcare systems in the world, to the relatively underdeveloped and extremely underfunded healthcare systems of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

The region’s diversity makes it difficult to cluster markets into meaningful groups. However, ASEAN countries can potentially be used as proxies for one another if the research is more focused on emotional aspects or patient experience than market understanding, healthcare systems or access issues.

Our emerging markets team has considerable expertise in the ASEAN markets, with our Asia headquarters located in Singapore, and can support your market research needs. We have conducted over 150 healthcare market research projects across ASEAN covering a wide variety of research objectives and over 28 therapy areas, for both local and international organisations.

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Wan Ling Neo

Head of Singapore office

Wan Ling Neo heads up our APAC office based in Singapore and is part of our emerging markets team. She has 10 years healthcare market research experience and has worked across a vast range of therapy areas including Oncology, Haematology, and rare diseases as well as having worked on multiple innovative studies with new digital approaches. She regularly presents webinars, and has written articles on a broad range of topics.