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Nutritionals in growth markets

Nourishment needs enlightenment

The nutritions sector is set for exciting global growth, but is a complex area, with unique regulatory, cultural and marketing challenges, especially in emerging markets. For brands to be successful, they need in-depth, local market intelligence designed to meet their unique business objectives and challenges. Watch our short animation about nutritionals in growth markets: 


We have experience in both adult and paediatric nutrition, and have worked on oral, intravenous and parenteral nutritional products and associated medtech devices.

Our extensive experience across many therapeutic areas, which combined with our expert knowledge of both mature and emerging markets, and multi-stakeholder approach, allows us to address the scientific, medical and consumer-focused marketing demands of the nutritional industry.

We employ a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, including:

  • Consumer ethnography
  • Mystery shopping
  • Social media listening
  • Mobile and online research
  • Co-creation sessions 

We can help with:

  • Local market understanding – labelling, regulation, access, definition/language, market size
  • Understanding delivery, compounding, machinery and devices to administer nutritional products
  • Pricing/market access
  • Physician attitudes in the market - segmentation
  • Understanding the patient journey and unmet needs
  • Patient support programmes
  • Compliance/adherence
  • Messaging / communications testing

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