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Emerging Markets: Your Essential Guide

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Traditional and non-traditional emerging markets are increasingly being recognised by the pharmaceutical industry as offering attractive opportunities for growth. The challenge though is where and how to find insight in these less well-known and rapidly changing regions.

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Using our combined knowledge and years of experience of working in these territories our emerging markets experts have produced this essential guide to help address some of the core challenges associated with conducting market research in emerging markets, which include:

  • Complex healthcare environments
  • Unique and diverse healthcare systems
  • Differing cultural norms
  • Variable communication, technological and transport infrastructure
  • A less developed, evolving local market research industry

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This helpful guide includes both general considerations applicable to all emerging markets as well as specific considerations in key countries and regions including Latin America, ASEAN, Middle East & North Africa and North Asia.

Gain answers to your key questions:

  • Which markets and cities to research?
  • Which stakeholders to interview?
  • What is the best executional method?
  • How to build in stringent quality checks and balances
  • Which public holidays will affect fieldwork?

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