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Rx Rationale

Capture prescription decisions in real-time

Rx Rationale, using mobile app technology, offers a means of capturing rich, qualitative information directly at the point of prescription, when the physician has just seen a patient and has made the decision about the best course of treatment.

Advantages for the marketer:

  • Rich, qualitative understanding of physicians decision processes recorded in real time and at the patient level
  • Full understanding of the relative influence of different factors in the product selection decision (clinical vs. other)
  • An improved understanding of the extent to which messaging and data plays a role in shaping the physicians' action
  • Large, rich data sets giving access to reasoned, physician-level algorithms and exposing key interactions between prescription scenarios and specific product choice

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Rx Rationale resources:

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Find out more about our experience and knowledge.

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Watch our Rx Rationale webcast to find out more.

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Rx insights: Harnessing the strengths of mobile research in pharma.

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Case study

How a mobile methodology elicited a deeper understanding of the key drivers behind prescribing decisions.

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John Branston


John is a Director in the European client service team. He has 17 years experience in healthcare market research, conducting both qualitative and quantitative projects. In 2000, he started to explore and develop the use of the internet as a research tool. John won the Jack Hayhurst Award for best paper at the EphMRA Conference 2012 in Paris for his presentation on mobile research and is pioneering new research approaches using this methodology.