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Continuity of business under COVID-19

Research Partnership is firmly committed to the highest quality market research and consulting services, while protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff, suppliers and clients.  We have comprehensive business continuity plans and policies in place to ensure we can continue to work effectively during the pandemic.

Our 200 employees working across 6 global offices are now working effectively from home. Market research studies that were originally going to be conducted face-to-face interviews have been moved to telephone or video. As we move forward, we are successfully able to utilize a full range of digital methodologies.

Feasibility research conducted amongst HCPs by our partners, as well as our own monitoring, suggests that, whilst some projects are taking longer than usual, market research can continue amongst those who are willing and able to participate.

Our senior management monitor the situation on a daily basis. We have initiated the following working practices:

  • All business travel has been stopped until further notice
  • All employees are working from home using secure networks
  • All client contact is being carried out via video or telephone conferencing
  • We are in contact with all our suppliers to get regular updates on fieldwork capabilities in global markets
  • We review advice from the global public authorities and will continue to make any changes as necessary

Compliance and GDPR
We continue to comply with GDPR while conducting MR and during other company activities. We take a sensible, empathetic approach, providing key privacy information to our data subjects, including their rights to be informed and to be able to withdraw at any time. Consent is obtained through clearly written contracts which references the current COVID-19 climate and details how personal data will remain confidential.

Specific methodologies and materials include the provision for GDPR. For example, if the client wishes to view an interview live or requests the recording afterwards, we ensure the necessary safeguards are in place. This may include distorting audio or pixelating images and/or gaining consent from the respondent if the interview is not anonymous. If transfer of personal data needs to occur, respondents are informed of the commissioning pharmaceutical company, usually at the end of the interview (if the respondent agrees), to avoid bias and ensure answers remain scientifically valid.

It appears we will be working from home for some time. Our employees are regularly reminded of their data protection responsibilities. No documents containing personal information should be left lying around the home and finished documentation must be securely shredded. When printing, we ask that personal information is redacted where possible.

If you have any immediate questions or require any further information, please contact your Account Director in the first instance, otherwise use the contact form below.

You can view our market research feasibility report here


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