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Ensuring business continuity and insights into the changing world of healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic

During the pandemic, Research Partnership has been staying abreast of ongoing developments in the pharmaceutical, market research and market access industries, providing commentary on COVID-19, and running both ad hoc and syndicated studies investigating the impact of the virus on healthcare provision and the pharmaceutical industry.

Syndicated reports:

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The impact of COVID-19 on the market access landscape

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The impact of COVID-19 on chronic disease management and the implications for pharma marketing

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View a range of resources:

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Virtual CL case study- Rapport

Case studies

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Compliance and GDPR
Research Partnership remains committed to maintaining high standards of compliance, including being in accordance with GDPR and all other legislation where applicable, as the pandemic continues to evolve. As part of the market research, we ensure data subjects are provided details about the study in addition to key privacy information such as how their personal data is processed and we also obtain the necessary informed consents.

We have adapted our methodologies to conduct market research and specifically face-to-face and group interviews virtually. During such instances our project teams put in place the required safeguards to allow our clients to view the research live or upon its conclusion depending if the data subject(s) have given their explicit informed consent. Furthermore if any transfer of personal data takes place for example from the EU or UK to a country that does not have adequate levels of data protection, we ensure that the necessary safeguards are in place beforehand.

As we start a new hybrid way of working, our employees are regularly reminded of their responsibilities with data protection which applies when both working from the office or at home.

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