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Vicki, Associate Director

Why did you join the Research Partnership?
I joined Research Partnership because I studied Sociology and Psychology at university, and I took a lot of research related modules. Once I began looking for graduate roles, MR seemed to match the skill set I had developed... Read more »


Nicole W

Nicole, Research Manager

What are your main responsibilities?
I work on quantitative projects, overseeing multi-national online studies. My role is hugely varied and can consist of anything from questionnaire writing, to overseeing fieldwork, to report writing and presenting to clients... Read more »



 Sophie Kanal

Sophie, Research Manager, Therapy Watch

Why did you join the Research Partnership?
I wanted to further develop the skills I had gained from a psychology degree and market research seemed like the perfect fit. A career in healthcare has always been an interest of mine as well so that was an added bonus! Read more »



Kieran Chudasama

Kieran, Senior Executive, RP Field 

What is the best thing about your job?
The Fieldwork team! The atmosphere around the office in general makes Research Partnership such a great place to work. Everyone makes you feel welcome and supported from day one... Read more »























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