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Vicki, Associate Director

Why did you join the Research Partnership?
I joined Research Partnership because I studied Sociology and Psychology at university, and I took a lot of research related modules. Once I began looking for graduate roles, MR seemed to match the skill set I had developed... Read more »


Nicole W

Nicole, Research Manager

What are your main responsibilities?
I work on quantitative projects, overseeing multi-national online studies. My role is hugely varied and can consist of anything from questionnaire writing, to overseeing fieldwork, to report writing and presenting to clients... Read more »



 Sophie Kanal

Sophie, Senior Research Executive, Therapy Watch

Why did you join the Research Partnership?
I wanted to further develop the skills I had gained from a psychology degree and market research seemed like the perfect fit. A career in healthcare has always been an interest of mine as well so that was an added bonus! Read more »



Kieran Chudasama

Kieran, Senior Executive, RP Field 

What is the best thing about your job?
The Fieldwork team! The atmosphere around the office in general makes Research Partnership such a great place to work. Everyone makes you feel welcome and supported from day one... Read more »



Danielle Gardner

Danielle, Research Executive

What is an average day for you like?
My average day is spent managing fieldwork for 2-4 projects. I spend a great deal of time communicating with vendors, freelancers, and my fellow team mates. My other responsibilities include gathering proposal costs from potential vendors, and report writing, charting and proofing... Read more »



Sophie B

Sophie, Research Analyst 

Why did you join the Research Partnership?
I did a master’s degree in Epidemiology, so I wanted to find work within the healthcare industry. My degree was also very research-focused, and I knew that working at RP would allow me to use the skills I had developed over the previous few years... Read more »



Natalie V

Natalie, Project Coordinator, RP Field 

Why did you join the Research Partnership?
From a background in Psychology, I was looking for a graduate role which would allow me to explore my interest in research and develop my project management and communication skills... Read more »




























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