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The roles

We believe that there are certain skills that are much more effectively picked up whilst working on projects, so you will be placed on ‘real’ jobs from day one

We work with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to conduct market research that answers their key business questions. By joining the Research Partnership graduate programme you will be part of a team that helps to design a piece of qualitative or quantitative research that directly helps them reach their business objectives.

Research Analyst

  • In your first year your role will focus on project management and analysis, working on multiple projects at a time.
  • You will be supported by other Research Executives who have recently been in your position so will be able to answer all of your questions and make sure you are comfortable in the tasks that you have been assigned.
  • You will be responsible for the day-to-day liaison and management of fieldwork and freelancers (e.g. recruiters, software developers) on the project to make sure that they are keeping on track with the research, recruiting and interviewing the correct people to the timeline we have agreed. You’ll need to be confident to pick up the phone to speak to our suppliers as well as effectively managing emails.
  • Whilst conducting project analysis you will listen to the audio files of qualitative interviews and analyse them. For quantitative projects you will spend time sense checking the data tables that we receive from our suppliers, and then chart the data into easily digestible charts and graphs in PowerPoint.
  • Once able to analyse, a researcher is able to take these skills to the next level and begin interpreting the results into visual slides. Analysis also helps with material design as it develops understanding of how best to ask the questions that we really need to know the answers to.
  • As you progress further into your career with us, you will gain more responsibility for material design, report writing, presenting and overseeing an internal team.
  • With the majority of our 400+ annual projects conducted in multiple markets you will get the chance to research markets across the globe and have the opportunity to travel in your career with us. Our clients often want to view the research live at a Central Location so they can observe how respondents answer their questions first hand. In this situation, someone from RP will attend to ensure the client is satisfied with the research and that everything is running smoothly.