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A new syndicated access and policy tracker.

Continuing advances in cell and gene therapy (CGT) are transforming how pharmaceutical companies treat, cure, and potentially eradicate a range of diseases. However, developing, manufacturing, and getting a CGT to patients is both complex and expensive. Not only do they face a range of evidence-generation challenges but up-to-date information on the market access policies and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) body processes can be limited for this burgeoning modality with unique particularities. With a considerable number of CGTs anticipated to be developed and approved over the coming years, it is essential manufacturers remain informed about the evolving market access, pricing and reimbursement landscape and routes to market.

Access CGT is a comprehensive repository which provides quarterly surveillance of the CGT market access and policy space, layered with expertise from our thought leaders and supplemented with tailored insights from our expert payer network which includes key regulatory and market access stakeholders.

The Access CGT respository includes:

Analogue access tracker: A regularly updated dashboard of commercialized CGT analogues with critical insights ranging from paid early access schemes, HTA body criticisms to payment model details.

Policy tracker: A monitoring system to identify critical developments in market access and pricing and reimbursement policy and their potential impact on manufacturer’s strategy.

Payer insights: An expert working group with CGT expertise providing commentary on the most important developments to pay attention to and why.

This combined solution will allow your global and regional teams to:

  • Track the nuances and complexities of the fast-evolving CGT market access and pricing and reimbursement space
  • Compare specific challenges and opportunities faced by CGTs in a range of global markets
  • Identify proposed policy changes and trends to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Enrich your CGT strategies related to brand, trial design and global market access and pricing and reimbursement

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Quarterly and annual subscriptions to Access CGT are available to purchase now. If this is potentially of interest to you and your company and you would like to receive a more detailed overview as well as further information about how we can best support you and your teams, please contact us.