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We believe it is our responsibility as a reputable organisation to support charitable ventures where we can

We have a number of initiatives in place to support the global and local community.

Global Community
We are proud to support Forever Angels, a children's charity whose aim is to care for abandoned babies in Tanzania, Africa. We make an annual donation of US$2,000 to the charity and also donate US$2 for every Project Feedback Survey returned to us by our clients.

If you would like to find out more about the activities of Forever Angels or want to make a donation, please visit their website

Local Community
Every year our regional offices organise an annual Community Day. Liaising with local ventures, we find a project that would benefit from our help and employees volunteer their assistance.





  • Our latest news
    Research Partnership has published a new Living with Living with Lupus (SLE) market report for 2017

    SLE is a progressive and debilitating disease which affects 5 million people worldwide. Living with Lupus (SLE) is a quantitative study conducted online amongst patients in the US and France and Germany. The report consists of 30-minute online interviews with 262 SLE patients (including those with lupus nephritis); fifteen follow-up qualitative interviews were also conducted. All patients were required to be on an immunosuppressant or…

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    Research Partnership makes annual donation to Forever Projects

    We are delighted to announce that Research Partnership has made a seasonal donation of US$5,000 to our chosen charity, Forever Projects. Fundraising efforts by our employees throughout the year contributed to this total.

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    Research Partnership has published a new Living with Chronic Pain market report for 2016

    Research Partnership has published a new Living with Chronic Pain market report for 2016. Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting longer than 6 months and affects 100 million Americans. Living with Chronic Pain is a quantitative study conducted online amongst 390 US patients with diabetic neuropathic pain, chronic lower back pain, cancer pain and headache/migraine pain. At least 60% of the patients surveyed are…

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  • Our latest videos
    Women's health in emerging markets

    Why can understanding and improving women’s health in emerging markets be challenging? What strategies can global pharma develop to support women and overcome these challenges? Associate Director Rachel Howard and Research Manager Helen Mace discuss why market research is useful for understanding behaviours and attitudes to different women’s health issues  in emerging markets.  Find out more about our experience and expertise in emerging markets »  

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    Segmentation research

    Why would a pharma company want to carry out a segmentation study? What are some of the challenges? Head of Business Analytics Tom Nolte and Associate Director Dr Marianne Jaeger discuss segmentation research.   Find out more about our experience and expertise in segmentation »  

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    Research Partnership mannequin challenge

    Our UK executives took part in a Mannequin Challenge yesterday! They were keen to sample the culinary delights of the latest RP Bake-off, where staff bake and sell cakes to raise money for our chosen charity; Forever Angels baby home in Tanzania.  We hope you like the video (please watch with your sound on) Click here to find out more about Forever Angels »  

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