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Understanding the chronic disease patient journey in emerging markets

Understanding the chronic disease patient journey in emerging markets

In this paper, we explore the chronic disease patient journey in emerging markets and provide you with the insights you require to identify the key inflection points in these rapidly changing and diverse regions.

With growing urban populations and increasing purchasing power, emerging markets remain an attractive prospect for growth. A high proportion of the urban emerging market population already suffers from chronic diseases and prevalence is set to further increase as lifestyles become closer to those in the West.

The chronic disease patient is a critical stakeholder in emerging markets because they often have to pay for their healthcare out of pocket. Moreover, these markets often don’t have formal primary care systems, so the patient is the only constant in the journey. Understanding their journey is critical in order to best leverage these potential new markets.

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- The universal truths of the chronic disease patient
- The patient journey in emerging markets
- Possible roadblocks impacting each stage of the patient journey
- The potential for pharma to address these challenges

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