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How KPIs for a newly launched brand were effectively tracked in 25 global markets

The challenge:
With the imminent expected approval and launch of a new product, our client needed to conduct global tracking research to understand knowledge, perceptions, awareness and recall around their product and the quality of sales rep visits.

Given the rapidly changing and ever-expanding range of competitor products, it was also important to gauge perceptions and awareness around the current and future competitive set. 

The solution:Case Study Quantitative Global Tracker Research
We developed a multi-wave research plan which covered over 25 markets in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.The methodology was an online survey, with recruitment based on the client’s target list.  With so many client stakeholders involved across departments and regions, we organised a workshop to ensure that we had buy-in from relevant key personnel.

To take into account staggered launch dates of the new product, in some markets only the attitudes/awareness/usage (AAU) questions were shown where the client product was not yet launched.  For markets where the product was already promoted, the full survey, which included the AAU, message recall and sales rep components, was implemented.  To keep consistency of results across markets, the full survey was executed 3 months after launch of the product in the particular market. 

With the survey scheduled every 3-6 months and with client and competitor products launching at different times in different markets, it was imperative that we worked closely with the Global and Affiliate clients to ensure that the correct regimens were being shown.  This entailed regular teleconferences and status updates to ensure all stakeholders were on the same page.  

Given the unvarying nature of tracker research, we wanted to ensure that target respondents remained engaged in the study across multiple waves.  We implemented HTML5 programming in our survey, which is a more dynamic way of showing questions.

The outputs:
We provided global and country reports to our clients. Given the sensitive nature of the product’s positioning in the market, it was also important to quickly deliver top line information.  To meet this need, we provided KPI information within two weeks of close of field. 

Find out more and download our brand tracking brochure, which illustrates our experience and best practice approach to tracking studies »

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