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How we identified the potential opportunity, volume and markets for a new travel vaccine

How we identified the potential opportunity, volume and markets for a new travel vaccine

The challenge:
Our client needed exploratory research to determine the global opportunity for a new travel vaccine in the private market. It was crucial to determine:

  • Which markets had the highest potential to purchase the vaccine in the private market, based on volume of travelers to appropriate regions and the nature of travel
  • Who the key stakeholders were in each market, in terms of involvement with travel vaccine recommendation, prescribing and purchasing
  • Receptivity to the vaccine in question

The solution:
We conducted secondary desk research into travel behaviour and travel volumes to relevant regions, as well as identifying private vaccination providers in each country. We then initiated a first round of exploratory pilot interviews with a small number of participants in each market, both from markets expected to have lots of travel to regions affected by the vaccine-preventable disease, and markets in close proximity to those regions. From this, we determined who the key players in vaccine decisions were, and which markets to best target for the full research sample. Once the full sample was agreed with our client, we proceeded to conduct interviews exploring the potential opportunity for the vaccine, in terms of who would be purchasing it. We also tested stakeholders’ reactions to a product profile of the vaccine in order to identify potential drivers and barriers to uptake.

The outputs:
On completion of the full sample, we created an in-depth report and a supporting infographic which clearly outlined the private market opportunity for the vaccine, highlighting key market differences and key recommendations for our client as they move forward with the vaccine launch.

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