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Research Partnership hires Graphic Designer to create storytelling deliverables

Research Partnership hires Graphic Designer to create storytelling deliverables

Research Partnership has extended its healthcare research and consulting offering to include storytelling deliverables with the hire of multi-media graphic designer Amanda Brent at the company’s London headquarters. Working with Research Partnership’s Marketing Director Julie Denny and Market Research Directors across the company’s UK, US and Asia offices, Brent is creating animation, videos, infographics and other multi-media outputs using a range of data visualisation techniques to communicate the key findings from research.

Commenting on Amanda’s engagement, co-founder Mary Assimakopoulos said, “We all now have to deal with an overwhelming amount of information on a daily basis. Storytelling is recognised as a powerful method for sharing insights in market research. The outputs that Amanda helps us produce provide a means of delivering the story in a way that improves understanding and engages audiences across the clients’ business.”

The hire of Amanda comes as a response to increasing client demand within the company’s global pharmaceutical client base for more engaging and impactful research outputs that add narrative to the data. Already the company has developed a number of diverse outputs for clients, a number of whom have responded positively to this added service.  One client commented, “We needed something to communicate the new campaign idea that can be easily digested across the entire organization. The animated video output fits the bill perfectly: everyone has two minutes to review an easy to understand deliverable.”

The creative outputs are also helping to disseminate research findings across pharmaceutical organisations’ departments. A US client commented, “I was asked by our sales training team if they could use the video to help give those in the field a better sense of how we use market research in the home office.”  

RP Drug Rep Icon Infographic: The Power of a Good Story

Our storytelling infographic highlights the benefits of storytelling and the role that it can play in enhancing healthcare market research insights. 

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Animated video: The Art of Storytelling Using Data Visualisation
Our storytelling animation, narrated by Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael outlines how Research Partnership uses the art of storytelling using data visualisation techniques to bring to life the key insights from market research findings.

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