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How an online market research community delivered fresh insights into a small and hard-to-reach audience

Often a short research study isn’t sufficient to get the level of insights and understanding that you require, especially when working with a hard to reach target audience. 

Hard To Reach Audience Case StudyThe challenge
Our client needed to research an extremely small and difficult to reach audience in multiple markets across the globe in support of their new product in development. In addition to gaining a deeper market understanding, the client wanted to obtain qualitative and quantitative insights into topical questions as they arose. 

The solution
We created a market research online community platform for the client to be run across multiple markets for a year. Target participants were carefully screened and invited to join the community. Participants were able to access the platform throughout the study from a variety of devices, including mobile, and take part in scheduled polls, mini-surveys and discussions.  In addition we were able to field spontaneous client questions, based on the previous responses and stakeholder needs which arose throughout the study.
The platform offered the functionality for participants to provide open ended responses and upload photos and videos, which provided the client with qualitative emotional insights. The platform also enabled us to provide a broad range of quantitative analyses of the community. By providing top-up recruitment throughout the research period we were able to maintain an active and engaged community.

The outputs
We were able to provide our clients with monthly transcripts in both English and local language as well as quarterly reports to consolidate the findings, which they found beneficial in addressing specific market needs, as well as driving their overall brand strategy. The platform also offered immediate access and analysis of content which the client was able to review in real time. The respondents remained engaged throughout the study and provided far greater in-depth insights into wider issues than would have been practical with a traditional qualitative approach. The client was therefore able to gain a complete understanding of the patient and their market.

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